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Official English

Misconceptions About Official English

Let's clear up some misconceptions about Official English...

Can other languages be used in our day-to-day private lives?

Of course!

Can other languages be used by government officials in emergency situations or in the investigation of crimes?


Can other languages be taught and promoted in our society?

We encourage it!

Can other languages be used by elected officials to communicate with constituents?

You bet!

Can non-English terms of art, names, phrases or expressions be used?


Can other languages be used for international trade, tourism and diplomacy?


So what's the fuss all about?

We don't know.

Official English benefits every resident of this wonderful melting pot called America. The melting pot works-because we have a common language.

English is the key to opportunity in this country. It empowers immigrants and makes us truly united as a people. Common sense says that the government should teach people English rather than provide services in multiple languages. What would happen if our government had to provide services in all 322 languages spoken in the U.S.? Without a common language, how long would we remain the "United" States?

Follow these links to learn about whether German almost became our national language, how the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo affects official English, and what our opponents say about official English.

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