June 09, 2010

VIDEO- Rep. Paul Broun discusses English language amendment to Puerto Rico bill

Rep. Paul Broun recently sat down with U.S. English to discuss his English language amendment to H.R. 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act. The amendment,

May 26, 2010

New Texas poll shows strong support for English

Nearly 7 in 10 Texans would support English amendment

May 26, 2010 A new poll by the University of Texas/Texas Tribune shows that almost seven-in-ten Texans

January 28, 2010

Bill to Require English Language License Examinations Introduced in Tennessee

Tennessee Senator Bill Ketron has introduced legislation that would require all prospective motorists in Tennessee to take the driver’s license exam in English, making the

January 19, 2010

Official English Legislation Introduced in West Virginia

Four legislators introduced a measure to make English the official language of West Virginia last week, improving the potential for passage of official English legislation

January 13, 2010

Rep. Jeff Miller Co-Sponsors English Language Unity Act

Florida representative Jeff Miller became the newest co-sponsor of H.R. 997 yesterday, increasing the number of co-sponsors of legislation to make English the official language