Virginia Code § 7.1-42 & § 22.1-212.1

VIRGINIA (1996 & 1981)
Va. Code § 7.1-42 & § 22.1-212.1

§ 7.1-42. English shall be designated as the official language of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Except as otherwise provided by law, no state agency or local government shall be required to provide and no state agency or local government shall be prohibited from providing any documents, information, literature or other written materials nor any translators in any language other than English.
§ 22.1-212.1. Pursuant to § 7.1-42, school boards shall have no obligation to teach the standard curriculum, except courses in foreign languages, in a language other than English. School boards shall endeavor to provide instruction in the English language which shall be designed to promote the education of students for whom English is a second language.