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About U.S. English

  • About U.S. English Overview
    This link contains an overview of U.S. English, including its mission and its founding by U.S. Senator S.I. Hayakawa in 1983
  • Biography of U.S. English Chairman Mauro E. Mujica
    This link contains the biography of U.S. English Chairman Mauro E. Mujica, including his educational and business background, his immigration to the U.S. in 1965, and his achievements as the Chairman of U.S. English.
  •  What is Official English?
    This link contains an extensive explanation of the Official English movement, including what exactly Official English legislation will do, what its goals are, and the progress U.S. English has made over the years to implement such legislation across the United States.


  • H.R. 997 – Full Bill Text
    This link points to the official bill text for H.R. 997, the English Language Unity Act, introduced in the 117th Congress by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX).
  • S. 678 – Full Bill Text
    This link points to the official bill text for S. 678, the English Language Unity Act, introduced in the 117th Congress by Senator Jim Inhofe (OK).
  • Full text of state Official English laws
    This link contains an alphabetical list of states that have enacted Official English legislation, including the year it was adopted and the full text of the English language law.

Facts About Official English

  • States with Official English laws
    A map showing the U.S. states that have adopted Official English laws, including the year that Official English became law.
  • Official English: Myths vs. Reality
    This link contains common myths about the Official English movement and the truth that is often overlooked. From rumors that the Founding Fathers decided against making English the official language to the belief that most immigrants oppose Official English, this document debunks the most widely circulating falsities.
  • Questions and Answers about Official English
    This link contains a list of commonly asked questions about Official English and the answers we give in response—from ‘isn’t English already our official language?’ to ‘is Official English anti-immigrant?’ this page covers it all.
  • Languages Spoken in the U.S.
    This link contains a list of all of the languages spoken in the United States according to the latest data from the Census Bureau’s 2009 – 2013 American Community Survey, which was released in 2015. There are currently at least 350 languages spoken nationwide!
  • Number of Languages spoken in Each State
    This link contains a list of the number of languages spoken by Americans in each state across the U.S. The top five states with the highest variety of languages used include California (251), Texas (201), Washington (193), Arizona (180) and Virginia (167).
  • Multilingual Ballots: How much do they cost?
    This link contains the sources behind our estimate that providing bilingual and multilingual voting ballots nationwide could cost nearly $5 million. U.S. English advocates that in order to fully participate in the democratic process and all that America has to offer, one must be able to read, write and speak in English.
  • Immigrants Support Official English Legislation
    This link contains a list of statistics showing that some of the greatest backers of Official English are, in fact, immigrants. Did you know that 87 percent of Hispanics believe Hispanic immigrants need to learn English to succeed in the U.S.?
  • What Makes English the Global Language of Commerce?
    This link contains links to various news stories that detail foreign nations that consider English the language of global success. Did you know that France, Japan, Taiwan, Uganda and Vietnam all encourage citizens to learn English in an effort to open doors of opportunity to them?

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