26 11, 2008

Video – Rep. Sali Speaks About Reducing Govt Multilingualism and Encouraging English Fluency

November 26th, 2008|

After 16 years in the Idaho Legislature, Rep. Bill Sali was elected to Congress in 2006. During his two-year term representing Idaho’s First Congressional District, [...]

20 11, 2008

VIDEO – Rep Tom Price on Making English the Official Language

November 20th, 2008|

Since 2005, Rep. Tom Price has represented Georgia’s Sixth District in Congress. Recently re-elected to a third term, Rep. Price has been a strong supporter [...]

17 11, 2008

VIDEO – Rep. Paul Broun Talks About H.R. 6783, Promoting English in the Classroom

November 17th, 2008|

In his first term representing the 10th Congressional District of Georgia, Rep. Paul Broun (GA) has become one of the leading supporters of common language [...]

7 11, 2008

VIDEO – Rep. Steve King on Defending Iowa’s Official English Law

November 7th, 2008|

Before being elected to Congress in 2002, Rep. Steve King served in the Iowa Senate, where he fought tirelessly to make English the official language [...]

5 11, 2008

VIDEO – Rep. Tom Price Protects Employers who Have English in the Workplace policies

November 5th, 2008|

Re-elected to his third term on Tuesday, Rep. Tom Price has been serving the constituents of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District since 2005. With eight years [...]

30 10, 2008

VIDEO – Rep. Brian Bilbray discusses the problems presented by multilingual voting materials

October 30th, 2008|

Rep. Brian Bilbray has been a strong supporter of official English throughout his fourteen years representing California's 50th District in Congress. A native of San [...]

28 10, 2008

VIDEO – Rep. Bill Sali discusses English in the Workplace Policies

October 28th, 2008|

When Bill Sali ran for Congress in 2006, he promised his Idaho constituents that he would fight to make English the official language. After he [...]

22 10, 2008

VIDEO – Rep. Steve King Leads Effort to Make English the Official Language of the U.S.

October 22nd, 2008|

As a state Senator in Iowa, Steve King led the fight to make English the official language of the state. After his election to Congress [...]

16 10, 2008

VIDEO – Rep. Gus Bilirakis Discusses English as the Official Language

October 16th, 2008|

The grandchild of Greek immigrants, Rep. Gus Bilirakis understands the importance of a common language in a diverse country. Rep. Bilirakis, who is in his [...]

9 10, 2008

VIDEO – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Speaks About Official English

October 9th, 2008|

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA) has been a strong supporter of official English legislation since coming to Congress in 1989. Now in his 10th term representing [...]