U.S. English Chairman Commends Nebraska State Senator on Introduction of English Drivers License Bill

Washington, DC—U.S. English Chairman Mauro E. Mujica today commended Nebraska State Senator Dave Bloomfield on the introduction of a bill that would require that all state driver’s license testing be conducted in English.

The Motor Vehicle Operator’s License Act, LB 688, would amend existing state law to require that all driver’s license testing in the Cornhusker State be conducted in English.

“I commend State Senator Bloomfield on this common sense legislation,” Chairman Mujica said. “In the United States, road signs, alerts and directives are issued in English. As such, every driver certified to hold a license should be able to proficiently read, write and speak the English language from a safety standpoint alone. I am pleased that, thanks to Senator Bloomfield’s leadership, Nebraska may soon be the latest state to recognize the value of conducting driver’s licenses in English to ensure the safety of all drivers—and passengers—throughout the state. I encourage all members of the Nebraska State Legislature to support Senator Bloomfield and vote to move this bill toward passage.”

LB 688 has been referred to the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, where it is scheduled for a hearing on February 23.


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