U.S. English Chairman Praises Georgia Bill to Strengthen Official English

Washington, DC—U.S. English Chairman Mauro E. Mujica today praised Georgia State Senator Josh McCoon for his introduction of a bill that would designate English as the state’s official language via Constitutional Amendment.

Senate Resolution 675 would call for a state referendum gauging public support for amending the Constitution of Georgia to declare English the official language of the State, strengthening the Official English bill that was passed in 1996.

If enacted, Senate Resolution 675 would elevate the status of English as the state’s official language, making it more difficult for future legislators to reverse such a policy. The resolution would prevent state government agencies from providing services in languages other than English, in an effort to encourage state residents to learn English for their own benefit. The bill would not impact court translators or driver’s license testing, which is currently exempt from the state’s existing Official English policy.

“State Senator McCoon’s leadership in preserving the unifying role of the English language in Georgia is admirable,” Chairman Mujica said. “Seeking to recognize English as the state’s official language through a Constitutional Amendment will go far in sending a message to state residents about the importance of English proficiency in achieving social and economic success. At the same time, such a policy would send a strong statement to legislators nationwide that Official English is a common sense way to unite all residents, opening the doors to communication and to opportunity.”

Georgia is one of 31 states that currently recognize English as the official language. Since English was recognized as the official language of Georgia in 1996, the Peach State has been named the number one state to do business, experiencing great economic growth.


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