The Bill, HB 3019, failed to pass the West Virginia Senate despite the Overwhelming Bi-Partisan Support of West Virginia Residents

(Washington DC – U.S. English, Inc. is disappointed that the West Virginia Senate didn’t follow the lead of the House of Delegates and pass Bill HB 3019, making English the official State language. The Bill received overwhelming bi-partisan support in the House; reflecting a groundswell of popular interest and support from West Virginia residents throughout the State. 87% of West Virginians support adopting English as the official State language; and the Bill passed the House with 88 members voting yes, with only 4 voting no.

“Although I am disappointed in the failure of the West Virginia Senate to pass Bill HB 3019, I am confident that West Virginia will soon make English the official State language,” said US English Chairman Mauro E. Mujica. “Like the West Virginia House, I urge the Senate to listen to the vast majority of West Virginia residents and pass this common sense legislation in the next legislative session,” concluded Chairman Mujica.

If passed, the law would require that all official state business be conducted in English. However, the Bill includes several exemptions. It permits the State government to use foreign language(s) to protect the public health and safety, and to provide both learning and legal services to non-English speakers when necessary. The legislation also allows government officials to communicate with their constituents in foreign language(s); while still encouraging them to communicate in English.

Full passage of the Bill will make West Virginia the 32nd State in the United States to make English the official State language.

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